Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New reviews about to start rolling

It's been quiet around here. Ghost town quiet. That's all about to change. An avalanche of new books is about to come rolling down the hill. In the coming weeks I'll have reviews of Jonah Keri's The Extra 2%, Neil Lanctot's Campy, and John Thorn's Baseball in the Garden of Eden. Lots of good stuff on the way after that, too.

Seems like all this spring's major releases were timed for March and April. Here's a suggestion for publishers looking for a jump on the field: Try a February release. I realize Opening Day is kind of the target, but people who love reading about baseball love reading about it all year round. Use pitchers-and-catchers reporting date as an excuse. Whatever. Just roll something out a little earlier next year.

It's a challenge to review so many books when they all seem to be timed for release so close to each other. And while scoops are always fun, publishers frown on pre-release reviews. So even though I finished Baseball in the Garden of Eden weeks ago, I've had to sit on it. Hence the dry spell here lately. Don't worry. We'll make up for it soon.

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