Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Former NL president's memoir notable for his candor

If anyone had any doubt where they stood with Bill White, they won't after reading his new memoir, Uppity: My Untold Story about the Games People Play. White, whose long and varied career afforded him a view of the game from just about every angle, doesn't hold back, sharing his candid thoughts about a number of people with whom he crossed paths over the years.

Former MLB commissioner Fay Vincent absorbs the most full-body blows, though he is joined in the crosshairs by the likes of former Cardinals GM Bob Howsam, umpire Joe West, and broadcaster Howard Cosell. Given all of the obstacles White had faced as a black player coming up in the 1950s, it's somewhat ironic that he's actually more sympathetic toward longtime Dodgers GM Al Campanis and former Reds owner Marge Schott, who both ran into trouble for expressing racist views.

My full review of Uppity is now available on BaseballAmerica.com.

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