Friday, August 26, 2011

Stadium helped Ruth, Yankees eclipse rival Giants

In an era when it can take two years to pave a 10-mile stretch of highway, it's hard to imagine one of sports' iconic venues going up so fast that you wouldn't need time-lapse photography to monitor its progress. Despite all of the technological advances of the past nine decades, we still have nothing on the crew that erected Yankee Stadium in 284 days, in time for Opening Day 1923.

New York Telegram writer Fred Lieb was the first to offer up the term "The House That Ruth Built," the day before the stadium opened. It lasted as long as the park did, and was appropriated by Robert Weintraub for his book on Yankee Stadium's birth and first season. Weintraub recaps the pennant races in both leagues, focusing on the Giants and Yankees, who met in a third consecutive championship showdown that fall. But the real strength of the book lies in the assiduously researched sketches of the chief players in the 1923 drama, and later in the retelling of the Yankees' first-ever World Series victory.

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